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Reading about the Czech Republic

There are a lot of books about the Czech Republic. Here is a list of the most recommended travel guides, books, maps, and VHS tapes to make a success of your trip. Click any link for more details.

A CD ROM with the best know castles and chateaux in the Czech Republic contains an interactive map, searching index, unique aerial pictures, pictures of the interiors and exteriors, historical facts, info of the location and accessibility, examples of some historical music, scales of the maps and some games. The info on the www. is not provided in English yet.
Famous Czechs:
1. ANTONIN DVORAK - a composer - play Largo from the New World Symphony here
BEDRICH SMETANA - a composer-play the Moldau River here
LEOS JANACEK - a composer
4. ALFONS MUCHA - a painter
5. MILAN KUNDERA - a writer
6. MILOS FORMAN - a film director
7. VACLAV HAVEL - an ex president in 1990-2003
8. MARTINA NAVRATILOVA - a tennis player
9. JAROMIR JAGR - an ice hockey player
10. MAGDALENA KOZENA - mezzo sopranist-play her singing here

In the inset picture there is Vaclav Havel.
Conversational Czech: Learn to Speak and Understand Czech with Pimsleur Language Programs (Simon & Schuster s Pimsleur) [AUDIOBOOK] [UNABRIDGED] (Audio CD).
Strange as it seems, going back home after living abroad is often much more difficult than moving abroad in the first place. You expect things to be different and confusing when you go elsewhere, but coming home should be so easy and natural, right? Wrong.

The CULTURE SHOCK series is a dynamic and indispensable range of guides for those travellers who are looking to truly understand the countries they are visiting. This title explains the customs, traditions, social and business etiquette in a lively and informative style.
Culture Smart! Czech Republic (Paperback) by Nicole Rosenleaf Ritter
Parker Fillmore may be best known for his collection of stories called The Shepherd s Nosegay, but these Czech, Moravian and Slovak Folktales, which were originally published in 1919, are wonderfully detailed, full-fledged stories. In the first story, a prince sees pictures of 12 princesses and decides to search for the one he considers the most beautiful of all. He chooses friends along the way who can help him: a tall man who can stretch to enormous distances, a round man who can widen himself, a man with such keen sight he must keep his eyes bandaged. The four friends must guard the princess for three nights; if she escapes they will be turned to stone.
In this book, an outgrowth of a trip to the two Republics, Pat Martin touches on the magnificent history of the Czech and Slovak Republics, which lie side-by-side in the heart of Europe. Significant events, sites, culture and traditions demonstrate the rich heritage shared and preserved by the Czechs and Slovaks.
A charming book for children of all ages.This book contains the most beautiful, traditional Czech stories and has delightful illustrations.
Sparkling with comic genius and narrative exuberance, this excellently translated novel by a major Czech writer brings into sharp focus the grotesque absurdities of recent Czech history. Dittie, a busboy with an inferiority complex and a driving ambition to become a millionaire, quickly rises to become a head waiter, but the respect he craves continues to allude him. When he marries a Nazi gym teacher, the Czechs despise him even more, while the Germans barely tolerate him. Rare stamps taken from wealthy Jews make his dream come true after the war, but his first-class hotel is soon nationalized by the Communists and he ends his life in poverty and isolation writing his memoirs.

Other boks by Bohumil Hrabal:
Closely Watched Trains, The Little Town Where Time Stood Still
Sample the beers, taste the high life, feast on the architecture - and when you have had your fill, chill out in the spa towns, discover the fairy-tale castles and breathe deep in Slovakia s glorious mountain scenery. Whether you want to party in Prague or hike in the High Tatras, you can connect with the heart of Europe through this inspiring guide.
The Czechs and the Lands of the Bohemian Crown (Studies of Nationalities) (Paperback) by Hugh Lecaine Agnew
Schweik is the stereotypical non-conformist, beer-guzzling Czech, a reluctant soldier serving the Austro-Hungarian Empire.His rebellious adventures are shamelessly silly, while the underlying theme is a pointed analysis of Czech society. This is one of those books that you can never get enough of and it always amazes you with its simplicity and originality. The book is like an endless gallery of human characters lost and exposed by the turmoil of the war. It is a comedy of words and situations, yet it is also in a way the revenge of the small people against the big mindless "system." It is the ultimate guide to not taking the world seriously.
Walking Tour of Brno
When in Brno, buy at the bookstore a book called WALKING TOUR OF BRNO published by Akademické nakladatelství CERM, s.r.o. Brno, ISBN 80-7204-107-X. The book nicely and in detail explains the history of Brno, walking tour of Brno and gives an account of the Important Figures of the City of Brno.
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