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Czech cousine is typically central European, with German, Austrian, Polish and Hungarian influences. The standard meal, offered in just about every restaurant is "vepro, knedlo zelo". It is bread dumpling, sauerkarut and roast pork.
Here is a web site with some delicious Czech recepies

While you can find all kinds of cuisines in Prague’s restaurants, outside the capital the range can be more limited to real Czech cuisine, which is truly delightful. Here are some common dishes:

  • Vegetable risotto
  • - zeleninové rizoto
  • Spinach and cheese dumplings
  • – knedlícky plnené špenátem a sýrem
  • Breaded and fried pork cutlet
  • – wiener schnitzel
  • Potato and ham dumplings topped with sauerkraut and bacon
  • - bramborové knedlíky plnené uzeným masem s kyselým zelím a špekem
  • Goulash (beef stew)
  • – guláš
  • Fried cheese
  • - smažený sýr

    Name: Bohéma
    Description: Welcome to the theatre restaurant with a 30 year tradition which is located at the Janacek Theatre. The capacity of restaurant is 30 seats and in cafe 100 seats. We can also prepare for your company a seating in the conference room which can hold 120 persons. In summer enjoy your meals on a terrace. A smaller room with the capacity of 20 seats is good for the family celebrations, weddings or presentations.

    Address: Rooseveltova 1/7 ,Brno, phone: 542 210 315, See the map here

    Open: MO-SU: 11-midnight
    Inserted: 2005-03-01
    Name: Brabander
    Description: You can enjoy good taste of fresh fish, poultry and lamb or venison meat as well as of a thick, juicy steak in this restaurant. If you want to eat light, you can choose from varied vegetable salads and a delicious sweet after may accomplish your culinary experience. A board with various kinds of excellent French cheese will enhance the taste of wine.

    Address: Joštova 4,BRNO, See the map here

    Open: MO - SA 12 - 24, SU 12 - 10 p.m.
    Phone.: +420 542 211 922 E-mail:
    Inserted: 2005-03-01
    Description: Air conditioned Chinese restaurant with a capacity of 55 people offers Chinese specialities.

    Address: Pekarska 42, Brno, Phone: +420 543 214 807, See the map here

    Opening hours: MO-SA 11.30 - 23,00
    Inserted: 2006-11-15
    Description: Order steak or beans, everything has flavour of Texas style meals. Enjoy the wooden tables with the beer garden outside the restaurant.

    Address: Cernopolni 54, Brno, See the map here

    Open: MO-SU: 11:30 - 23:00
    Inserted: 2005-03-01
    Description: GARDEN RESTAURANT is situated in a quiet neighbourhood KOMIN (about 15 minutes from the city centre) and is easily accessible by cars or a trolleybus No.36. Total capacity is 130 seats and the winter garden has the capacity of 40 seats. In summer (16 - 40 seats) enjoy grilled specialities on a deck. The children can play at the playground with swings, monkey bars, a slide and a sand box. Internet lovers have a free wireless acess.

    Address: Vavrinecka St. Phone:+420 541 223 054,, See the map here

    Opening hours: MO-FRI 11:30 - 24:00, SA 11:30 - 24:00, SU 11:30 - 24:00
    Inserted: 2006-11-15
    Name: Grill BAR AMSTERDAM
    Description: The Dutch style grill bar offering grilled specialities, they serve lunches, delivery service.

    Address: Panská 393/6, Brno, Phone: +420 542 221 766, E-mail:, See the map here

    Opening hours: MOM - THU 11:30 - 24:00 FRI 11:30 - 1:00 SAT 12:00 - 1:00 SUN 12:00 - 23:30
    Inserted: 2006-11-15
    Description: If you like grilled food, this is the place. Try turkey, sausages, ram, chicken, ribs or steaks, everzthing is delicious there. This is also a good place for companz celebrations. Trust me, I have been many times and I like it due to the nice atmosphere.

    Address: Fanderlikova 19, BRNO, phone +420 541 260 056, See it on the map here
    Inserted: 2007-04-27
    Description: We serve original Cuban dishes full of Caribean sunshine and flavour, Chilean, Brazilian, Argentinian, Spanish and South African wine. We also serve international and the Czech dishes. At the wekends we organise dancing sessions with the live Cuban music and the dancers.

    Address: Masarova 9, BRNO-Lisen, See the map here

    Open: MO-THU: 11-11 p.m. FRI: 11 - midnight, SA: 12 - midnight, SU: 12 - 11 p.m.
    Inserted: 2005-03-08
    Description: "Dear Red Indians, leave your rifles and arrows at home" - we welcome you to the wild west style restaurant serving wide choice of drinks and dishes.

    Address: Jamborova 6, 615 00 Brno, phone: +420 548 226 263, See the map here

    Open: MO-SA: 11 - 24 and SU11 - 22.30
    Inserted: 2005-03-22
    Name: Hubert
    Description: This is one of my favourite restaurants thanks to its nice location - amidst the forests. It is about 15 minutes drive by car from the city centre. This restaurant is operated by the Hunters Club and the cousine pleases those who want to taste venison, deer or fish. Enjoy cosy seating by the fire place or on sunny days sit on the covered veranda with a view of the forest. There is a lso a shooting range (clay pigeons) and upon previous reservations with or without instructors you can try it out. For a larger group they can prepare pig and wild pig roasting, beer or wine sampling.

    Address: Kociánka 25, Brno - Soběšice, phone: 541 242 445, See the map here
    Inserted: 2005-03-01
    Description: Air conditioned restaurant with the authentic Indian cousine (so far the only one in Brno) in the centre of Brno. All major credit cards are accepted.

    Address: Behounska 12/14 Brno, phone: 542 214 372, e.mail: See the map here

    Open: MO - SA: 11 - 23 and SU 12 - 22
    Inserted: 2005-03-01
    Description: Czech and Peruvian specialities. Exotic atmosphere among the talking parrots and the exotic lizards.

    Address: Veveri 51, Brno, phone: 777 08 09 04, See the map here
    Inserted: 2005-03-22
    Description: Are you craving for sushi and other delicious japanese food ? Try out at the KODÓ restaurant where Japanese food is prepared by the Czechs in enjoy the meals in a very pleasant environment.
    Inserted: 2011-08-23
    Description: This restaurant is located about15 km north west of Brno by the GOLF COURSE-JINACOVICE.The restaurant offers you a high standard, especially with regards to quality gastronomy, using only the freshest ingredients. In the spacious interior, it is possible to spend time with your family or have an appointment with business associates. The restaurant is open from 7.00 a.m. At the weekends we offer brunch not only for you but also for your guests. The restaurant offers a club lounge with a fireplace; this room is ideal for small company or family parties.

    Address: Golf area KASKADA no. 1772, 664 34 Kuřim, e-mail:
    Phone: reception 541 511 711, restaurant 541 511 719
    Inserted: 2006-11-12
    Description: Stylish Italian restaurant offering traditional Italian specialities and a wide choice of the Italian wine. Address: Pekařská 246/80, Brno, Phone: +420 543 232 042, See the map here

    Opening hours: MO - FRI 12:00 - 24:00

    Inserted: 2005-03-01
    Description: Enjoy classical Czech dishes, fish, BBQ, excellent Moravian wine in a restaurant for 65 people or relax on a patio with a capacity of 30 seats. Menu in English.

    Address: Zilkova 21, Brno-Reckovice, phone: 541225889. See the map here

    Open: MO - FRI 11 - 23, SA and SU 12 - 23
    Inserted: 2005-04-28
    Description: L´Eau Vive restaurant with the capacity of 54 seats is run by the missionaries who come from all over the world. In this restaurant you should find pleasant, family atmosphere and love, a possibility to chat with your dear ones, have a rest and calm down. L Eau Vive clenches the thirst of your heart and your soul. Every evening the sisters sing a song Ave Maria. The guests can listen to them or join them. The money raised is for the charitable activities in the CR and abroad.

    Address: Petrov 2, Brno, phone: 543 235 164, email:, See the map here
    Inserted: 2005-04-28
    Name: Mexicana
    Description: Mexican restaurant with Central American specialities,ingredients and spices, capacity 140 seats and on the deck 80 seats. Central American salsa music. Parking lot right by the restaurant.

    Address: Dobrovského 29, Brno, phone: +420 541 240 685, See the map here
    Inserted: 2005-03-01
    Name: Pivovarska Restaurant (Old Brno Brewery Restaurant)
    Description: On the premises of the STAROBRNO (The Old Brno Brewery) you can visit this restaurant which was originally part of an old malt house. It has been rebuilt and redecorated into a nice restaurant and a cafe. Iin summer sample the local beer STAROBRNO in a big beer garden for about 200 guests.

    Mendlovo nam. 20, BRNO, See the map here
    Phone: 420 543 420 130-8
    Inserted: 2005-03-10
    Description: In Potrefená husa you can always find delicious and well treated draught beers. Classical Czech STAROPRAMEN - light, lager, dark and the semi-dark Staropramen Granát. Soothing VELVET with the oh-so-cool rising froth, the dark and mysterious KELT with a thick froth and mild Belgian STELLA ARTOIS, served in an elegant glass. Potrefená husa brings to the beer lovers a broad choice of Belgian specialty bottled beers. This place is never empty.

    Address: Moravské náměstí 8, Brno, phone: 542213177, See the map here

    Open: MO - SU: 11 - 1 a.m. Capacity: 145
    Inserted: 2005-03-01
    Description: We would like to invite you to an exclusive restaurant offering Mediterranean cuisine with the wide portfolio of quality wines. There is a heated terrace and the undeground garage for parking.

    Address: Veveri 125, BRNO, phone: ++420 541 235 035, e.mail: See No. 3 on the map here

    Opening hours: MO - SA 11.30 to midnight, SU: 11.30 to 3 p.m
    Inserted: 2005-09-23
    Name: Rodeo Drive American Bar, Grill
    Description: This Teaxan style steak restaurant RODEO DRIVE - AMERICAN BAR and GRILL is right in the centre of Brno, only few steaps from the Liberty Square. The company Amrest has already opened the second restaurant of this kind in the Eastern Europe. Here you can taste original recepies from the American cousine from the grilled meat and sample variety of drinks. Service is nice and friendly.

    Address: Rasinova St. 2, BRNO, Phone: +420 724 528 407, see it on the map here

    Opening hours: MO-SA 10 - 24
    SU 12 - 23
    Inserted: 2007-10-13
    Description: Visit the first Laosan restaurant in Brno.

    Address: tř. kpt. Jaroše 29 (within the Amphone Hotel premises), Brno, See the map here

    Open: MO - FRI 5 p.m. - 11 p.m.
    Inserted: 2005-03-20
    Description: Large choice of dishes served in the medieval atmosphere. About 15 minutes from the city centre.

    Address: Videnska 1, BRNO, phone: 543 242 339, e-mail: See the map here

    Open: daily from 11-23:30.
    Inserted: 2005-03-09
    Description: This aptly named restarant serves some typical British specialities.

    Address: Jakubske nam. 2, Brno, phone: 542 214 720, See the map here

    Open: MO - FRI: 9 - 24 and SA and SU: 11 - 24
    Inserted: 2005-03-09
    Description: This restaurant specialises in serving typically Slovak dishes which are quite rich, but delicious. Try one of their soups, either garlic, bean or cabbage. With beer order some delicious patte or just try anything from the menu, you will be happy, but be prepared for something different. Welcome to the Slovak world.

    Address: Pekarska 80, Brno, See the map here

    Open: daily 11 - midnight
    Inserted: 2005-03-01
    Description: KOLIBA restaurant has been serving Slovak cousine since 1995 . Our chefs are trained by the Slovak chefs and are ready to serve real Slovak delicacy, such as "halušky", pork knee, duck, goose stuffed with rew cabbage and cranberry.

    Zemedělská 38 , BRNO, phone: 545 582 876, See the map here
    Inserted: 2005-03-01
    Name: SPALICEK
    Description: This stylish restaurant is situated right in the centre of BRNO, at the Zelny trh (Cabbage Market). From the outside it looks inconspicuously, but inside it is a very cosy place which serves mainly typical Czech old fashioned cousine combined with some international elements. You can order a rabbit, piglet, carp or a lamb there.When you go there you should not leave without trying typical Czech dumplings filled with cabbage.

    Address: Restaurace Špalíček, Zelný trh 12, Brno

    Phone:+420 542215526, See it on the map here.
    Open: every day from 11 a.m. till 11 p.m.
    Inserted: 2007-04-01
    Description: Newly opened Spanish restaurant PALADEO in Brno. Come and sample.
    Address: Purkyňova 35G (Centrum Eden), Brno-Královo Pole.
    Phone: +420 777 13 69 15, E-mail:

    Opening hours: MO-TH 11:00-23:00 FR 11:00-24
    Inserted: 2010-10-31
    Description: This rustical restaurant which is about 30 minutes drive east from from Brno has been beuatifully restored from the the original Old Post Office built in 1785. It has a special chacracter thanks to the wooden interior. Traditional Czech and Slovak dishes are served. There is also a small museum about the Battle of Three Emperors in 1805 and a gift shop.

    Address: Stara Posta 109, Rousinov, phone: 517 375 985, e.mail: stara See the map here
    Inserted: 2005-03-01
    Description: Try our steaks, TEX-MEX, barbecue, Texan and American dishes, fish, pasta. We offer the largest choice of steaks in Brno according to American, Mexican, Argentina and own recepies. From drinks we offer bourbons, whiskey and tequila, we also offer more than 100 kinds of wines from all ower the world. This is air-conditioned environment.
    We accept the major cards.

    Address: Kudelova 5, Brno, phone: +420 545 244 453, See the map here

    Open: MO-FRI: 11.29 - 23.59, SA: 11.59 - 23.59, SU: 11.59 - 21.59
    Inserted: 2005-03-01
    Description: This restaurant is a place where not only gurmets meet, but also friends and business partners. Various "topic" gurmet evenings take place and culinarians and chefs take part in competitions. This restaurant has an excellent reputation not only in Brno, but all over the CR. All major credit cards are accepted.

    Kotlářská 51a, BRNO, phone: 541 213 497, E-mail: . See the map here

    MO-SA: 12- midnight
    Inserted: 2005-03-01
    Description: Greek restaurant offering typical Greek specialities.

    Address:restaurace ZORBAS s.r.o.
    Sokolská 4, 602 00 Brno
    Tel.: +420 549 211 779
    Inserted: 2009-01-17
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